• What exactly we do:

    We develop a beautiful app We do their SWOT analysis and develop a suitable business plan. We pitch the project in the market for pilot run. We frame a budget for digital marketing. Once all above things are done, we take the project to VC for appropriate valuation and future funding needs.

  • What we see in that project:

    - Is your idea is great enough and solving some problem? - As we always said execution is the key and we need to see that confidence in the founder’s eye and his team. - What is output in the pilot run of the project and our team discussion?

  • For Investors:

    With industry experience and proven marketing techniques, we pitch our partnered projects in a planned manner to fetch the desired results. With the course of time Urban Apps has built a good market reputation based on results of our projects. Please fill below quick details and we will send you complete Investor kit.